If you’ve never hired a lawyer before or your past experiences with the profession were just disappointing, you may have questions or doubts whether hiring a lawyer is really “worth it.”

Please keep these thoughts in mind when deciding whether to contact us for a free consultation:

  1. Every employer, landlord, government agency, court system, insurance company, person in power, and power structure will have a lawyer. Guaranteed.

    Even if you don’t see them or interact with them directly, there is a lawyer involved behind the scenes somewhere in your dispute.  And their job is not to be fair or do the right thing for everyone involved. They are hired - and paid well - to get the best possible result for their client, which is not you.  We know because that used to be our job.

  2. You can gets results on your own. You may get better results with a lawyer.

    Fair or not, individuals without lawyers are often not taken as seriously as people who are represented. Insurance adjusters and other lawyers don’t always understand all of the very real reasons why getting good legal help isn’t possible for everyone.  They assume that if you don’t have a lawyer, then your claim, injury, or point of view has less or little value.

  3. Whatever you need help with, you probably only have one chance to get it right.

    Whether it’s an injury, criminal charge, accident at work, or will, there are no do-overs.  Your permanent record, housing security, employment status, or ability to pay future medical expenses are all at-risk.  These are life-changing events that shouldn’t be left to chance.

  4. Laws, regulations, and rules of court will apply to you even if you don’t have a lawyer.

    Our state’s judges and court personnel aren’t allowed to give legal advice. There are rules and procedures that will apply to you and your case whether you have a lawyer or not.  Unfortunately, you can’t expect leniency or the benefit of the doubt no matter how good your intentions are.

  5. Getting a lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive, inconvenient, or difficult.

    We agree that a lot of the negative public perception about lawyers and law firms is deserved. The “one-size-fits-all” approach hasn’t worked for the majority of people for a long time.  We get it. We founded OGBB with the mission to make access to good legal counsel more fair, convenient, and universal. Even if the old model didn’t work for you, please contact us to see if our new approach does.  After all, your consultation is free so you have nothing to lose.