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We take equal access to justice seriously. Our mobile office and outreach services are just the start. Nights, weekends, whenever and wherever you need help, we are fighting to make the law work for everyone.


What We Do

We have more than 30 years of combined experience helping clients in situations like yours across North Carolina and South Carolina. Whatever the stakes or setting, from “just a quick question” to the courtroom, our trusted and proven lawyers are ready to help every step along the way.


How We Can Help

Laws affect all of us, and everyone needs legal advice and help from time to time. But unfortunately, for very real reasons, most regular people never get the legal help they need. If you’re having problems with an employer or landlord, if you’re involved in an accident, if a loved one dies, managing that process alone is difficult and potentially life changing. And you may only have one chance to get it right.

We get it. And we’re different. We believe everyone deserves access to legal counsel regardless of situation or circumstance. So whatever has stopped you in the past from getting the legal help you need — cost, lack of transportation, limited office hours, hidden pricing, unresponsiveness, intimidation — we can help. We are committed to being part of a community solution.

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Meet Our Team

We are united in the mission to make good legal counsel more accessible, fair, and universal because we believe these are essential services that every person deserves. Creative, plain-speaking, and tough when needed, we use our team’s diversity of experience to equalize imbalances of power. If you’ve been injured, we spent years representing the insurance companies you’ll be up against and will use that background to help in your case.

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