For accidents and personal injury cases (including wrongful death), we charge a contingency fee.  In most instances, our contingency fee will be 1/3 (or 33.3%) of the total amount of award we recover for you.  For certain unusually complex or difficult cases, we may require a slightly higher fee. As explained below, if we are not successful in obtaining any money or award for your case, you will not owe us a fee for our time and work on your case.

Separate from the contingency fee are costs and expenses.  As explained below, you will be responsible for paying our firm’s costs and expenses for your case whether or not we are successful obtaining any money or award in your case.

What is a Contingency Fee?

Just like it sounds, a contingency fee is a fee that is paid only if money is awarded in your case.  If money is awarded, either through a settlement or verdict, our firm will get a percentage of the total amount that is recovered.  Our contingency fee for most cases is 1/3 (or 33.3%), though we may charge a slightly higher fee for unusually complex or difficult cases.  You may find that other law firms charge a higher contingency fee or increase their fees if you decide to go to trial. We don’t do that.

What Are Costs and Expenses?

Costs and expenses are things like court filing fees, if we have to pay for court reporters and transcripts, if we have to travel, if we have to pay a mediator, or hire outside experts.  We won’t bill you for our time or the work we do on your case, but if we have to buy or pay for something in order to build your case and prove what happened, those are expenses that you will be responsible for paying.  Other law firms may not publicly advertise that clients have to pay the costs associated with their cases, but most law firms operate this way and have been doing it like this for a long time.

Because it can be a little confusing if you aren’t familiar with the process, it is important to remember that contingency fees and costs/expenses are different and separate.  If there is a recovery and money is awarded, either through a settlement or verdict, we will first calculate our contingency fee and then can use the remaining amount to reimburse our firm for any outstanding costs and expenses that have not been paid.  It is our goal to be transparent and honest with you at every step along the way, and we can promise that there will be no hidden costs associated with our services.


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Why we disclose our prices

We believe every part of this process — including our prices — should be open and transparent.  It’s not a popular approach (most law firms don’t do it) and maybe some will consider it impolite, but we believe we can better help and serve your needs by establishing trust long before we even start on your case.  If you have questions about our prices, please contact us.

Forms of payment accepted

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.  For your convenience, you can pay in person, by mail, or online.  We also may be able to accept other forms of electronic payment (Venmo, PayPal, etc), which we can address in your individual case if you’re interested.