Local Counsel

We have extensive experience serving as local counsel in North Carolina for national risk management counsel, coordinating counsel, general counsel, and litigation counsel based in other states. Given our regular appearances before judges and courts throughout North Carolina and our experience with local rules of procedure and practice, our firm is ideally situated for whatever local counsel needs you may have.

Our lawyers are admitted to practice before all North Carolina State Courts, the North Carolina Business Court, and federal courts in the Western, Middle, and Eastern Districts of North Carolina. Whether its an association so you can make a special attorney appearance in North Carolina’s federal courts or so you can appear pro hoc vice in North Carolina state courts, we can help.

As part of our commitment to upfront and transparent pricing, our typical fee for serving as local counsel is $200.00 per hour. However, please contact us to discuss your case and potential needs so we can address whether an hourly rate, flat fee, or contingency fee makes more sense for your case.

Use of Our Mobile Law Office

If you represent a community organization that could benefit from the use of a mobile meeting space or are another professional interested in expanding your reach to provide essential services to different audiences or in different spaces, we can help.

Whether it’s for community outreach, voter registration, your next fundraiser, or you’d just like to ride-a-long with us, our 33ft overhauled and retrofitted mobile office was designed to meet those needs. If you are committed to improving our community and there’s something we can do to facilitate those goals, we’re ready to pitch in. Subject to some administrative red tape (and that you invite us to whatever fun event you’re having), we are happy to offer this service free of charge.


Free consultation

Click here to contact us about a free consultation. If you have questions, we are here and ready to help.


Why we disclose our prices

We believe every part of this process — including our prices — should be open and transparent.  It’s not a popular approach (most law firms don’t do it) and maybe some will consider it impolite, but we believe we can better help and serve your needs by establishing trust long before we even start on your case.  If you have questions about our prices, please contact us.

Forms of payment accepted

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.  For your convenience, you can pay in person, by mail, or online.  We also may be able to accept other forms of electronic payment (Venmo, PayPal, etc), which we can address in your individual case if you’re interested.