One of the biggest concerns that our clients have when filing their workers’ compensation claims is that their employer will retaliate against them for pursuing their rights.  While we can’t promise you that your employer won’t retaliate against you, we can nevertheless assure you that any such retaliation is against the law and we are prepared to fight to protect your rights to a fair workplace.   

What does retaliation include?

Retaliation can come in several forms -- not just limited to being fired.  North Carolina law prohibits your employer from terminating, suspending, demoting, or relocating your job in retaliation for your filing of a workers’ compensation claim.  Other actions by your employer may qualify as “retaliatory,” so long as a court finds them to be “adverse.”

What can i recover if my employer retaliates?

If a court finds that your employer retaliated against you, you may be entitled to your old job along with all back pay and benefits.  If your employer’s actions are found to be “willful,” any such award will be tripled by the court.

How can a Workers’ comp lawyer help?

Our lawyers are happy to discuss with you whether your employer’s conduct is prohibited by law and what legal recourse is available to you.  If your employer has retaliated against you, we can take care of the required filings to help you follow all the rules and regulations dealing with the pursuit of any retaliation claim and get you back what you are entitled to.  

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