Surveillance is not just for spies or police officers on a stake out. In fact, one of the insurance company’s most common strategies is to use surveillance footage and photographs, sometimes out of context, to show that the worker is not as injured as they say they are. These companies often hire private investigators to observe and videotape injured workers going about their daily lives hoping to catch them disregarding any doctor’s orders or contradicting their reports of pain.

What should i do?

Be aware that once you have filed a claim, the insurance company will do whatever it can to limit what it has to pay you, including videotaping you. The important thing for an injured worker to remember is that you don’t want to give an insurance company an excuse to deny your claim or reduce your benefits.

What about social media?

Don’t post any photos or videos of yourself on social media that could be used against you with your doctor or with the Industrial Commission. Before they stake out a workers’ house, private investigators almost always do a social media search to learn more about the worker and download any available photographs or video.

Follow your doctor’s orders

Private investigators are professionals and are good at their jobs. Their livelihoods depend on their ability to blend in and not be seen while they are observing you. Following any and all doctors’ restrictions, even when you are in the privacy of your own property, is crucial to maintaining your workers’ compensation claim.

Our lawyers can help you determine whether the insurance company has already undertaken surveillance on you and, if so, evaluate what impact their footage may have your claim.

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