Debbie, Clayton, NC

My husband and I bought a new home with hardwood flooring. Before we moved in our home there were a few scratches on the floor that needed to be fixed. Needless to say after several attempts to fix the issue, making the floors look worse with each attempt our contractor said he was done and that is as good as it is going to be. I knew then we were going to have to take legal action. Fortunately we found Justin Osborn who listened to our plight, validated our concern and assured us we had a viable case. At times I was "scared", I had never brought legal action against anyone. Justin was so reassuring to me that the floors were wrong, the contractor was wrong and we were damaged. As it turns out he was totally correct, and after Mr Osborn presented our case the contractor settled with us for almost twice what we thought we would receive. Not only did Mr Osborn show his expertise in the law and the courtroom, he also show his compassion for a woman who was scared to go through the process. I have no reservations recommending Mr Justin Osborn and the OGBB Law firm.

Justin Osborn