The Making of a Mobile Office

After the discussions and planning, we had our working concept: an equal access law firm with a mobile office so we could “pop up” in places where people live and work to improve access to legal help. Couldn’t be that hard to do, right? While our journey from a used RV dealership in Myrtle Beach, SC to our first pop up event was much longer and more difficult than we planned, the end result was better than we thought possible. And we made some new friends along the way...

Discovered in Myrtle Beach

We found our RV, a 33ft 2007 Winnebago Vista, in December 2018 at a small RV dealership in Myrtle Beach, SC. More than 10 years old and having spent a life battered by salt, rain, and sun, we worried about what kind of condition she would be in. And we had good reasons to be skeptical. Only months earlier, a too-good-to-be-true RV located outside of Chicago turned out to be just that (with rotted floors and peeling walls). Turns out online dating profiles aren’t the only place where people lie in their photos.

But what we found in Myrtle Beach was the opposite: good, solid bones and working systems. We get this question a lot and the answer is no, you don’t have to have special training or licensing to drive the RV. Our first “lesson” in driving was the 2.5 hours return drive from Myrtle Beach. Here she was in all of her original early 2000s glory:

Made-Over in Winston-Salem

The plan was to save what we could and gut the rest. We’d be removing the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and getting new paint, floors, and countertops. We needed help. Enter the good people at Triad RV based out of Winston-Salem, NC. We can’t say enough about Jeremy and the great (and fast) work of his team. The results speak for themselves:

Finished in Raleigh

Though the heavy lifting was done, we decided to complete the finishing touches closer to home. Caulking, touch-up paint, repainting fixtures, furniture installation, new interior lighting, cleaning, room partitions, exterior wrapping, and decor were all left to do. Our weekends got very busy. But with the help of friends and family, we managed to finish it all with only a few days to spare.

The last step was getting an exterior look that was eye-catching and memorable but still inviting. We were out of our creative depth and also nearly out of time. So we turned to a professional: talented local graphic designer Toni Chester. Toni, who also designed our logo and website and has been an early friend, supporter, and ally of our work, took it from there. All that was left was for Capital Wraps to bring it to life.

We wanted a comfortable and convenient space for the community to meet with lawyers in an informal setting and address their legal questions and concerns. Because of the community and our family and friends, we got all that and more. To date, through the 7 pop up events we’ve hosted in the RV, we’ve helped more than 125 people in our community. And we’re only getting started.

Andrea Osborn